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22 de janeiro, 2013

However,there are some disadvantages of dog wearing clothes: Louis Vuitton May cause skin problems: Short-haired dogs,

although there is no long-haired knot, Borse Louis Vuitton but the fabric for epidermal friction may cause the dog’s skin

disease, Moncler Jacken allergies, itching, peeling are possible. And wearing the clothes always easy for us to ignore some of the

problems of dog body surface, if the dog clothes does not fit the dog; Moncler it may limit the actions of the dog, rubs and

hurt the skin. Doudoune Moncler Cause long-haired dog knot: The knot fur may come up in some parts of the dog wearing clothes more

than without wearing clothes. Such as the armpit, neck, Moncler the site of the department of the shoulder strap, because the

clothes the hair pressed very tightly coupled with the friction as it is easy to form a hairball. Moncler Outlet If not carefully

combing soon became knots which can comb up any longer. Moncler Jackets In summary, there are some benefits for wearing dog clothes,

but the owner must bother concerned about the health of the dog, Louis Vuitton not just to look pretty but regardless of the

size and material of the clothes. If your dog is sick because wearing the wrong clothes, Moncler and then the master will be

very sad and regret. Louis Vuitton Online Shop Cold insulation: In the cold case, it must be the dog to wear dog clothes, it

relates to its health. Such as Chihuahua, Mini Doberman such size is very small, Louis Vuitton and very thin dog low fat

content, as well as very young or elderly dogs, they are more afraid of the cold.