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Justice on the Rails!
People’s life and the Vale Company along the Carajás Railway  
Proposing an action to claim justice and respect to the environment

1. History/Context

The region in Brazil known as “Carajás” is a mineralogical province located in the Western Amazon. It was discovered by multinationals companies at the time of the dictatorship military and contains the world’s largest reserve of iron ore of a high content, considerable reserves of manganese, copper, bauxite, nickel, tin, and others minerals resources beside a vast possibility of forest exploitation, farming, cattle-breeding and an enormous hydro-electrical power.

The searching for iron ore in the Serra dos Carajás, which is located in the East of Pará state, began in the 60’s and was increased in the following decade when the State mining Company Vale do Rio Doce (Vale) took upon itself the total control of mineral resources in the region and created in 1979 the Programa Grande Carajás (Great Carajás Program)aiming to produce minerals on an industrial scale to supply the international market.

In order to consolidate this very big project it was necessary to develop infra-structure works of great impact, as for example the Tucuruí Power Plant, which is located in the Southeast of Pará state, the Madeira Port in São Luis in the Maranhão state (this is the busiest loading port in the North-Northeast), and the Carajás Railway, amongst others.


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